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--Fall 2011: Genesis
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--Winter 2011: Education
--Spring 2012: Creative Spaces
--Summer 2012: Recycle
--Fall 2012: Rhythm & Flow
--Winter 2012: Shimmer
--Spring 2013: Stories
--Summer 2013: Mixing it Up
--Fall 2013: Organic
--Winter 2013: Impact
--Spring 2014: Wrap it Up
--Summer 2014: Light
--Fall 2014: Time to Play
--Winter 2014: Boundaries
--Spring 2015: Diversity
--Summer 2015: Connections
--Fall 2015: Elements
--Winter 2015: Hidden
Back Issue Packages: 4 Issues - $22
--All Four 2012 Digital Issues
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--All Four 2013 Digital Issues
--All Four 2014 Digital Issues
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--Spring 2016: Convergence
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--Summer 2016: Movement
--All Four 2015 Digital Issues
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--Fall 2016: Simplicity
--Winter 2016: On the Surface
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--Spring 2017: Shape & Form
Fall  2013
Summer 2013
Mixing it Up
Spring 2013
Winter 2012
Shimmer & Shine
Fall 2012
Rhythm & Flow  
SOLD OUT in Print
Summer 2012
Recycle & Reuse   
Spring 2012
Creative Spaces
SOLD OUT in Print
Winter  2013
Spring 2014
Wrap it Up
Summer 2014
Let There Be Light
Fall 2014
Time to Play
Winter 2014
Spring 2015
Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Winter 2015
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Winter 2016
On the Surface
Winter 2011
Fall 2011
Premiere Issue 
Issues in Print
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Spring 2017
Shape & Form
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--Summer 2017: Color
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Summer 2017
Fall 2017
--Fall 2017: Texture
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